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After studying bankruptcy laws for decades, facing bankrupty multiple times and filing bankruptcy myself, I decided to start this Bankruptcy Laws website to answer many bankruptcy questions that anyone thinking of filing bankruptcy may have in mind. Our Bankruptcy FAQ will answer basic questions on bankruptcy. Bankruptcy seems to be on most people's mind as a last resort when nothing else works.

This Bankruptcy Laws website is a free information and resource website aimed to solely help anyone in need who may be facing bankruptcy or anticipating filing personal bankruptcy. If filing personal bankruptcy is on your mind, then there are a few things you need to know about the new bankruptcy laws that will help you decide if filing bankruptcy is the right thing to do for your situation.

Please note that all information on this Bankruptcy Laws website are free and are not a substitute for the work of a bankruptcy lawyer or bankruptcy attorney. Although, information on this website is kept as accurately as possible, we urge you to still consult a bankruptcy attorney for your specific situation. Let our free resource website on bankruptcy laws be your first stop when thinking about filing personal bankruptcy. Information on our website will help you become informed about what you are going to face when you file personal bankruptcy, about Chapter 7 bankruptcy laws and Chapter 13 bankruptcy laws.

On our Bankruptcy Laws website, we will show you different types of bankruptcy you can choose to file, including filing bankruptcy online. You will no doubt have many bankruptcy questions which is what our bankruptcy FAQ and questions sections are for. The new bankruptcy laws will be mentioned throughout this website. We will also discuss the US bankruptcy court. Knowing how the United States bankruptcy court system works will help you be familiar of how bankruptcy laws work in the US. Finally, we will discuss what happens after bankruptcy, credit cards qualification after bankruptcy, student loan discharge, how you can cope and get on with your life, as well as how to refinance after bankruptcy. We also discuss some credit repair issues and implications on getting credit cards after bankruptcy.

Please note that this Bankruptcy Laws website is continually updated to bring you more resources on bankruptcy laws and all of the above topics of discussion. All our staff are volunteers so they may be slow at times to make all bankruptcy information available online so please check back with us regularly for updates. You can also use the link below to bookmark this Bankruptcy Laws website.

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