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Before filing bankruptcy, you should read the Bankruptcy FAQ below. The Bankruptcy FAQ contains a lot of information to help you decide if filing bankruptcy is for you. If not the Q&A in the Bankruptcy FAQ will help you find solutions to your problems. The Bankruptcy FAQ is updated regularly. If you want to contribute to any questions or answers in the Bankruptcy FAQ, please send it via contact us.

Basic Bankruptcy FAQ

Q: What are the different types of bankruptcy?

A: There are many types of bankruptcy, see:

Bankruptcy FAQ

Q: What is a chapter 7 bankruptcy?

A: Chapter 7 bankruptcy is total liquidation. Filers loses all non exempt assets in accordance with Chapter 7 bankruptcy laws.

Q: What is chapter 13 bankruptcy?

A: Chapter 13 bankruptcy is about payment plans. Filers will not lose the assets according to chapter 13 bankruptcy laws.

Q: Can I file bankruptcy online?

A: Filing bankruptcy online is limited, see filing bankruptcy online.

Q: Is it possible after bankruptcy to get credit cards?

A: It is possible but difficult. However there are ways to go about getting them faster, see, bankruptcy credit cards.

Q: Can I refinance after bankruptcy?

A: You will need to spend some time to rebuild your credit before you refinance after bankruptcy.

Q: What happens in banruptcy to student loan?

A: Guaranteed student loans are not discharged. Bankruptcy laws for discharge of assets are complicated, see bankruptcy student loan.

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