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Bankruptcy Student Loan

Sometimes a student loan can lead to bankruptcy. Many people who file bankruptcy have a student loan or more. Then the question becomes what happens to the student loan when a bankruptcy is filed. Additionally, when filing chapter 7 bankruptcy, student loan is treated differently from filing chapter 13 bankruptcy.

What student loan will not be discharged in bankruptcy?
Bankruptcy student loan

Generally, a guaranteed student loan will not be discharged when bankruptcy is filed. When a debtor files for chapter 13 bankruptcy, student loan belonging to him/her will generally not be discharged. Unsecured student loans are more likely to be discharged.

The laws regarding bankruptcy and student loan are complex and there are many exceptions. This is why consulting a bankruptcy attorney to help you with bankruptcy filing is a good thing. Not only the bankruptcy attorney can help you with the paperwork and legal forms for filing bankruptcy, the attorney can help the person filing bankruptcy get more debts discharged.

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If you just want to file for bankruptcy yourself and put your fate in the hands of the court appointed bankruptcy trustee, you can get the bankruptcy forms below and file for bankruptcy yourself. There are guidelines to help you with bankruptcy filing. However, there are many exceptions so your student loan may or may not be discharged depending on the specifics of the loan.

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