Bankruptcy Laws

Bankruptcy Protection

Believe it or not, when you file for bankruptcy, you are getting bankruptcy protection. The bankruptcy laws actually help debtors who file for bankruptcy protection get back on their feet again. In the past, the old bankruptcy laws a long time ago used to favor creditors. However, nowadays, the new bankruptcy laws favor debtors and actually provide debtors with bankruptcy protection.

What does bankruptcy protection mean?


When people are being sued by creditors and are on the verge of filing bankruptcy, they often feel like they have committed a terrible crime. Some fear that they would be put in jail for going bankrupt or filing for bankruptcy. The only time you should worry about jail sentences is when you fail to pay child support. A judge may order you to go to jail for failing to pay child support or spousal support. He or she will not order a jail sentence otherwise. However, there are many creditors and debt collectors that would let you believe that you will be sent to jail.

Bankruptcy protection

It is not true - but they would tell you so to scare you into paying off the debt. Some debt collectors would even threaten debtors to pay off their debts or they would send the police after them to put them in jail. It is illegal for these debt collectors to say such things but it does not stop some unscrupulous debt collectors from using the tactic.

Creditors must leave you alone under bankruptcy protection

Once bankruptcy filing is done, the creditors must instantly leave you alone. The creditors, under the bankruptcy laws, can no longer try to collect any debts from you and all harassments must immediately cease. If the debt collectors or creditors do not, then they are violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Law as well as the Bankruptcy Laws.

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