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Credit Cards After Bankruptcy

Is it possible to get credit cards after bankruptcy?

Of course! There is not bankruptcy laws on getting credit cards after bankruptcy. You do not have to wait for a certain period of time to apply for and obtain credit cards after bankruptcy. Your biggest challenge in getting credit cards after bankruptcy is finding the creditors who want to lend to you after filing bankruptcy.

Filing bankruptcy does not mean that you can no longer obtain credit or credit cards. Some credit counseling agencies claim that it takes ten years to get credit cards after filing bankruptcy. However, many people have managed to obtain credit cards after filing bankruptcy much sooner.

A few years is usually enough to satisfy credit cards companies or mortgage companies and you can get credit cards after bankruptcy or a mortgage after bankruptcy to buy a new home. There are always new credit card companies out there willing to offer credit line or credit cards after bankruptcy but with extremely high interest rates.

 Credit cards after bankruptcy

The charges on credit card bills that can cause problems that can lead to a bankruptcy are:

  • late fees
  • over limit charges
  • hiked up interest rates
Can I get a car loans after bankruptcy?

Most car dealerships often give out car loans easier than credit card companies after bankruptcy. But if you are thinking of buying a car, it is best to shop for financing and car loans before you go to a car dealership.

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