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US Bankruptcy Court

Each bankruptcy filing in the US is filed at a US bankruptcy court. The US bankruptcy court has many offices located throughout the United States. Bankruptcy filing cannot be done in a state court. The US bankruptcy court system has 94 federal judicial districts courts which handle bankruptcy cases. The US court system consists of the US Supreme Court, US Courts of appeals, US District Courts and the US Bankruptcy Courts.

When visiting the US bankruptcy court website, you will be able to locate the nearest US bankruptcy court to your location.

US bankruptcy court

US Bankruptcy Court

The US Bankruptcy Court offers many resources for people facing personal bankruptcy. Not only you can get information about different types of bankruptcy such as Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 13 bankruptcy and Chapter 11 bankruptcy, but you can find out alternatives to filing these different types of bankruptcy.

The new bankruptcy laws, as well as the old bankruptcy laws, are designed to protect debtors in trouble from creditors. There are bankruptcy laws to protect both people and businesses in trouble and give them a fresh start in life. The bankruptcy laws and procedures can be found in the United States Bankruptcy Code (the Bankruptcy Code) under Title 11. The new bankruptcy laws make it harder for people to file for bankruptcy protection so make sure you know the bankruptcy laws. Check out our New Bankruptcy Laws section. Through the US Bankruptcy Court, you can also learn the procedures of filing for bankruptcy as well as obtain bankruptcy forms.

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